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Embracing Your Brand (With a Spoonful of Sugar)

Almost every time I'm out to lunch with a client I'm asked (usually with a wink and a smile), "You're going to order sweet tea, right?"

That's part of the fun that comes with a firm like Sweet Tea Communications. It's become so much more than a name - it's a brand with a distinct personality that resonates with people and instantly engages them. They enjoy hearing the story behind Sweet Tea and seeing the brand reflected in my work as well as my work style, and I love every moment of it.

In case you were wondering, sweet tea most definitely is my beverage of choice, and I even order it when having a working lunch all by myself (I fancy myself a bit of a sweet tea connoseiur - McAlister's is my favorite, but Chick-Fil-A runs a very close second)! And that's the secret to Sweet Tea's brand success - it's completely authentic. I am a Southerner by birth (and still by heart), I love helping my clients captivate and charm the people who matter the most to them, and I relish the chance to guide clients in creating brands that reflect not just what, but why they are, just as Sweet Tea does for me.

Is there a particular facet of your brand identity that reflects your why? If not, take some time to consider what reflecting your "why" could do to make your brand more vibrant and alive. Then come back to the veranda and tell us all about it...I'll even whip up a fresh pitcher of sweet tea for you.

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