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Messaging and Web Writing | Garlich Printing

A St. Louis printing institution since 1928, Garlich Printing Company has been the full-service printer behind some of the most impressive marketing campaigns in the country, including many for longtime clients Anheuser-Busch InBev, Build-A-Bear Workshops and John Deere. Garlich tapped Sweet Tea Communications to develop messaging and write the copy for their beautifully functional new website, which debuted in spring 2012. Their new site and messaging has earned raves from customers and industry professionals alike, and Garlich now proudly directs potential clients to their website to learn more about their impressive range of services.

Brand Identity, Awareness & Strategic Marketing |

Fertility Partnership

In August 2009, Dr. Elan Simckes tapped Sweet Tea Communications to lead an aggressive five-month branding and marketing effort for his new IVF clinic, Fertility Partnership. Armed with only the clinic name and a vaguely defined blue-green color scheme, Sweet Tea assembled a team that included visual branding firm Phelan Design Group, a web developer and a local media relations expert to create and launch a brand, as well as develop and implement a strategic marketing plan. Sweet Tea served as the “marketing quarterback” for Fertility Partnership, providing overall management and supervision of all marketing team activities, including a social media community of “raving fans” who came to rely on the clinic for the latest infertility information, support from others battling infertility, and recommendations on treatment options.. The team developed Fertility Partnership’s distinctive brand identity and messaging, began outreach to obstetricians/gynecologists in several surrounding states, and launched a strong media relations campaign that had the phone ringing even before the official clinic opening in December 2009.


Sweet Tea’s efforts were wildly successful. Fertility Partnership cared for approximately 250 patients and completed 61 IVF procedures in 2010, more than double the stated goal. The clinic’s branding and messaging was so compelling that patients traveled to the clinic from both U.S. coasts, from Minnesota to Texas and from as far away as Nigeria. Approximately 58 percent of patients undergoing IVF were referred by doctors and infertility counselors, many as a direct result of marketing efforts. Word of mouth referrals, made in large part through social media channels, resulted in 22 percent of the total IVF procedures.

Messaging and Web Writing | Thom Leadership

When Mark Thom, a former group president at Fortune 500 company Tyco Healthcare, prepared to re-brand his executive leadership consulting firm as Thom Leadership, Mark turned to Sweet Tea. Mark and Mistie worked together to create key messages that resonated with C-level executives searching for guidance in navigating the challenging world of entrepreneurial leadership. Once Sweet Tea finalized the messages, we worked with Phelan Design Group to bring the words to life on Mark’s website - a site that many have said reflects his personal and professional passions and that has drawn many to talk with Mark about his experiences and service offerings.

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