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Services Rooted in Strategy

Marketing Communications
Does every communication your company generates - whether internal or external - reflect and reinforce your brand? Sweet Tea has extensive experience reviewing communications tactics and aligning them with a brand for maximum effectiveness.
Community Relations
Increasingly, people prefer doing business with companies that are visibly out in the community supporting local initiatives and building relationships. We can help you choose the best programs, boards, organizations, and activities that help the community while reflecting and reinforcing your brand.
Award Entry Development & Speechwriting
Winning a prestigious local, regional, or national award, or securing an opportunity to speak can mean significant brand awareness. Sweet Tea has an established track record of crafting winning award entries and creating speeches that enhance your brand's reputation with the people who matter to you.
Strategic Writing
You name it, we've written it. Whether it be the copy for a new coffee cup, a brand tagline, web writing, or the most important speech you'll ever give, Sweet Tea's writing expertise will make your communications beautifully memorable.
Strategic Marketing Program Development
All successful marketing communications programs start with strategy - where do you want to go and how are you going to make sure you get there? We start everything we do by developing a clear, concise strategic plan that acts as a road map for your company's marketing journey.
Corporate Positioning & Messaging
By defining and clearly understanding your company's key messages, communications are consistent, clear, and effective through every member of your organization and become the basis for all communications activities - everything from promotional materials to media relations to the website copy. 
Brand Identity/Awareness/Rebranding
Every brand has its own personality. If you're branding a new company, make sure your brand truly reflects the company you've worked so hard to create. If your existing brand is outdated, ineffective, or just plain boring, Sweet Tea and our partners will breathe new life into your company brand and revitalize your marketing efforts.
Social Media Program Development
Great use of social media requires constantly looking for new ways to engage your target audiences in conversations, with the ultimate goal of turning them into “raving fans” who will provide engaging word-of-mouth marketing. Using your company's marketing strategy as the guide, we help you choose the right tools to engage with and works with you to maximize your social media impact.
Web Development
Websites don't have to be complex and full of bells and whistles to make an impact. Sweet Tea develops compelling, easily maintained websites via WordPress or Wix that showcase clients at their best. 

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