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An Open Seat on the Veranda

Welcome to the debut post of "A Spot of Tea" - the official blog of Sweet Tea Communications. I're thinking, "Oh, for the love. One more blog out there in the bazillion & one blogosphere - yawn."

I can understand your reluctance to keep reading. What in the world can A Spot of Tea offer you that countless other marketing communications blogs can't?

Encouragement. Excitement. Passion. Humor. Gratitude. Hospitality. Joy.

Now that doesn't sound like your typical "business blog," does it?

This blog is the essence of what sets Sweet Tea apart. It's more than business. It's about choosing to keep your focus on what is highest and best in your business - and in yourself. It's about holding ourselves to a higher standard of professional and personal ethics and values. It's about remembering always that, no matter how big and complex your business gets, it's still at its core about people. Being kind...and respectful...and encouraging...and focused on building up instead of tearing down.

So come here and read when you're beaten down, or when the people around you are bruised and bloody from the relentless stream of either mind-numbing negativity or glossy perfection that is impossible to attain and depressing because it's unattainable.

Come here to refresh your spirit, to remind yourself of what you can accomplish (and why you wanted to in the first place), and to remember that success is so much sweeter if you empower a motivated group to join you on the trip, rather than arriving alone with a trail of professional and personal casualties in your destructive wake.

So that's what I'll be serving here. I hope you'll join me often on my veranda for A Spot of Tea.

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